Autodesk Global License Agreement

Autodesk Global License Agreement: What You Need to Know

Autodesk is a software company that specializes in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software. It has a vast portfolio of software products, such as AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Revit, and Maya, used by professionals from various fields. The company offers different pricing options, including subscriptions, perpetual licenses, and multi-user licenses. In this article, we`ll talk about Autodesk`s Global License Agreement (GLA), a type of license agreement that covers multiple countries.

What is Autodesk Global License Agreement?

Autodesk Global License Agreement is a special license agreement that allows a company to purchase software licenses for multiple countries at a discounted rate. It`s designed for large, global corporations that have operations in different countries. The GLA enables companies to purchase perpetual licenses or subscriptions for Autodesk software for all their locations worldwide, with one contract rather than multiple contracts per country.

What are the benefits of Autodesk Global License Agreement?

There are several benefits of the Autodesk Global License Agreement, including:

1. Cost savings: The GLA offers significant cost savings for companies that need to purchase software licenses for multiple countries. Instead of negotiating contracts and pricing agreements for each country, the GLA provides a single contract with a discounted rate.

2. Simplified licensing management: Managing software licenses for different locations can be challenging and time-consuming. The GLA simplifies the process by offering centralized license management through Autodesk Account, where administrators can assign licenses, track usage, and manage renewals.

3. Access to the latest software updates and upgrades: The GLA provides access to the latest software updates and upgrades, ensuring that companies have access to the latest features and functionality.

4. Consistent software version: The GLA ensures that all locations use the same version of the software, ensuring consistency across the organization.

5. Flexibility: The GLA offers flexibility in the number of licenses purchased, the duration of the agreement, and the payment options.

How to qualify for Autodesk Global License Agreement?

To qualify for the Autodesk Global License Agreement, a company must have a minimum of 50 eligible employees worldwide. The company must also have operations in at least two of the following regions: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, or the Americas. The GLA is available for both perpetual licenses and subscriptions.


In conclusion, the Autodesk Global License Agreement is an excellent option for large, global corporations that need to purchase software licenses for multiple countries. It offers cost savings, simplified licensing management, access to the latest software updates, consistency in software versions, and flexibility in licensing options. If your company meets the eligibility criteria, consider discussing the GLA option with your Autodesk representative.

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