Our Services

Sleeping and Living Areas:

•Flat areas
•Doors and door frames
•Picture frames
•Ceiling fan
•Lamp shades
•Intricate items
•Heavy knickknack areas
•Window sills, ledges, blinds
•Furniture surfaces
•Furniture and upholstery
•Carpet edges
•Empty closet floors
•Carpet floors
•Wood floors
•Accessible areas under furniture
•General dusting
•Removing cobwebs

Bathroom Cleaning:

•Tile wall, bathtubs, and showers
•Shower door
•Vanity and sink
•Faucets, sinks, and drains
•Mirrors and chrome fixtures
•Front of cabinets
•Window sills, ledges, blinds
•Doors and door frames
•General dusting
•Removing cobwebs

Kitchen and Eating Areas:

•Counter tops
•Outside of range hood
•Top and front of the range
•Drip pans or glass surfaces
•Sinks and any chrome cleaned
•Knickknack areas
•Fronts of cabinets
•Window sills, ledges, blinds
•Doors and door frames
•All kitchen furniture
•General dusting
•Removing cobwebs

Kitchen and Eating Area

•Clean appliance surfaces (fridge,
oven and dishwasher)
•Load dishwasher
•Clean outside/inside of
•Clean and disinfect countertops
•Clean and polish sinks and
•General dusting
•Sweep/vacuum floor
•Damp mop hard floor
•Empty trash


•Clean and disinfect tubs and
•Clean shower doors and tracks
•Clean and disinfect towel bars
•Clean mirrors
•Clean and disinfect countertops,
sinks and faucets
•Clean and disinfect toilets
•General dusting
•Empty trash
•Sweep/vacuum floor
•Damp mop hard floors

Bedrooms and Living Areas

•Clean sliding glass door
•Clean all horizontal surfaces
(tables, stands, dressers, etc)
•General dusting
•Make beds and tidy pillows
(change linens if left out)
•Clean mirrors
•Remove trash
•Vacuum floors and stairs
•Damp mop hard floors and

We take most forms of payment

We take most forms of payment, credit card, Zelle, Venmo, cash, check. If cash, please put in an envelope and write jarcleaningllc on it.

  • We require a 48-hour cancellation notice. A service fee of $50.00 may apply if cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning. The full amount may be charged if canceled the same day as the scheduled cleaning.
  • The estimated time is based off the size of your house, if your house requires more time than estimated, we will make sure it is OK to continue until finished, time depends on the size and condition of the house.
  • Make sure the water and electricity is still on, we need them to clean. If water and electricity is not on, we will reschedule your cleaning. If we are not notified of the power and or water being off and we show up, we will not be able to clean and must charge a travel fee.
  • Thank you for the opportunity for us to give your home some love. 
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